Black and Opalescent Dots

I finally decided to start messing with the dotting tools I purchased long ago and this is what came of it. I was looking to create a design which was a more organic than usual. Normally I practice on nail wheels, but this time I went straight for the nail . . . and this is what I came up with.

 h3. The Design

First I started with one layer of OPI base coat to protect my nails.

Next I put on two coats of Picture Polish _mirage_ and let it dry for awhile before tapping the black.

The black was Cult Nails _Fetish_, which is a matte black. I chose matte to give some contrast with the glossy opalescent color of _mirage_.

After the black was dry enough to start dotting, I went around to add the dots. I seemingly had a plan, but the effect was a little less uniform. 🙂

For the accent nails I applied a coat of Seche Vite.

h3. The Verdict

I got many compliments on this one and would definitely do it again.

Next time I would freehand the black or use wavy scissors to cut the tape, making the main boundary less linear.

The design also reminded me of half-tone dots in the printing world. I thought it might be interesting to take that idea and make the design look “shaded” when viewing from a distance.

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