New COVERGIRL and Loréal Purchases

Today, while out shopping for a card at Walgreens, I found out that they were having a sale — buy one, get one for 1/2 off — on COVERGIRL Outlast and Loréal nail polish. Since I am very happy with the formula for the COVERGIRL Outlast series, I decided to try some other colors. The cashier mentioned she had coupons for $1 off each bottle of the Loréal, so I became more curious to try those formulas as well. In total 4 bottles for $18.

 From Left to Right we have: COVERGIRL Outlast _vio-last_, COVERGIRL Outlast _eternal oceans_, Loréal _after hours_, and Loréal _breaking curfew_.

The two swatches far right are the Loréal colors, but with a single, streaky coat to make it easier to see their base color – Loréal _after hours_, and Loréal _breaking curfew_.

I tried my best to color correct the image, but I couldn’t get the Loréal _after hours_ right. It should be more blue and less purple.

Swatches coming soon…

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