Patriotic Hands!

In celebration of the Fourth of July, I painted some abstract flag designs on both hands. I decided to give each hand a different design. As you can see in the image below, the left was like a single flag and the right was like having a flag on each finger.

 h3. The Design

I started with a single coat of white Cult Nails _Tempest_ on all of the nails except for the left thumb.

The red stripes were taped using COVERGIRL Outlast _forever festive_.

The blue stripes were taped using COVERGIRL Outlast _out of the blue_.

The blue glitter areas were made with a base of _out of the blue_, followed by a single coat of Butter _Scallywag_. I used a base so I didn’t have to paint so much with _Scallywag_.

The dots, of course, were made using _Tempest_.

I applied a nice coat of Seche Vite to the fingers with _Scallywag_ to make them smooth.

h3. The Pictures

*Ambient Sunlight*

_Apologies for the blurry photo!_

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