A shimmery blue stamped with chrome

Since I just painted on the swatch for the Revlon Intrigue, I decided to spice up the manicure instead of taking it off and putting something else on.

 Here are the polishes I used for the design:

* Revlon Brilliant Strength _Intrigue_
* Essie _No Place Like Chrome_
* Seche Vite

The easy part was painting on the Base color. As I mentioned in the swatch post I did for the Revlon, the formula is easy to work with and dries quickly.

The hard part (for me) is that I’m still learning about stamping and don’t have any technique down as of yet. You can see that some of the stamp edges are a little wonky.

I used two Pueen stamping plates, numbers PUEEN16 and PUEEN04.

The pictures were taken using natural sunlight inside of a light tent.

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