Sephora by OPI I Think I Cayenne Swatch

_I Think I Cayenne_ is a very bright, brassy orange with orange metallic shimmer. It grabs attention and is a perfect color for any halloween nail decorations.

h3. The Color

I normally wouldn’t wear this color because I don’t think that the bright orange suits my skin tone, however, it happens to be one of my favorite polishes in my collection! This is simply _the_ orange that I would choose time and time again for those special occasions like halloween, when rooting for sports teams, etc. It’s bright and has an wonderful shimmer to it.

It looks much darker in the bottle than when applied on the nail.

h3. The Formula

_I Think I Cayenne_ is a really wonderful two-coat polish. It’s very easy to apply and it dries quickly.

h3. The Brush

This style of brush is one of my favorites. It is slightly flat so that it fans out when it is pressed against the nail. This makes it easy to paint larger nail beds like mine.

h3. Swatches

All of the following are with studio lights.

These are inside of the photo tent, so the light is very even.

This last one was with the lights directly on my hand. I think it more closely resembles what you might see in sunlight with regards to the highlights.

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