Sephora Formula X Torque Swatch

_Torque_ is from the newly released line from Sephora, Formula X. This polish is in the family of “The Chromes” touted as “Rich Liquid Metallics”.


h3. The Formula

_Torque_ is the second polish that I’ve tried at home, testing under “real world conditions”. As with the other I tried, the formula has fantastic pigment. If you painted quickly one coat is probably all you would need.

Dry time is very good as well, though I might say it’s _too good_. I’m finding that it can be hard to blend because the polish starts to dry so quickly.

It’s still a little early to tell, but I’ll have a more detailed writeup concerning dry-time after I try out my first several polishes from Formula X.

h3. The Brush

h3. Swatches

All with studio lights.

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