My Stash

h2. Here is a list of the bottles in my chest

Polish names which are linked refer to a blog article for that polish.

h3. Glitters (29)

Butter _Fairy Cake_
Butter _Scallywag_

China Glaze _Hello Gorgeous!_

CrowsToes _Absolum – your potions master_
CrowsToes _Triple Black Diamond_

Cult Nails _Alter Ego_
Cult Nails _Blaze_
Cult Nails _Charlatan_
Cult Nails _Deception_
Cult Nails _Doppleganger_
Cult Nails _Hypnotize Me_

Dolish Polish _Pixie Dust_

Essie _Shine of the Times_

Nail Pattern Boldness _Witch Pit_

OPI _Metallic 4 Life_

Sephora by OPI (crackle) _Blasted Opalescent Gold_
Sephora by OPI (crackle) _Blasted Silver_
Sephora by OPI (crackle) _Blasted Turquoise Glitter_
Sephora by OPI _I Found a Pot of Gold!_
Sephora by OPI _Indi-go With the Flow_
Sephora by OPI _Looks Like Rain, Dear_
Sephora by OPI _Meet Me At the Disco_
Sephora by OPI _Pirates Booty_
Sephora by OPI _Sparkle Me Silver_
Sephora by OPI _Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild_
Sephora by OPI _Traffic-Stopper Copper_
Sephora by OPI _The Golden Age_

Sinful Colors _Faceted_

VOV _068 Black Holo_
VOV _082 Silver Holo_

Wet n Wild, Wild Shine _Hallucinate_

h3. Colors (116)

A England _Saint George_
A England _Avalon_

Butter _Lillibet’s Jubilee_

China Glaze _Platinum Silver_

Color Club _Catwalk Queen_
Color Club _Gift of Sparkle_
Color Club _Otherworldly_

COVERGIRL Outlast _black diamond_
COVERGIRL Outlast _eternal oceans_
COVERGIRL Outlast _forever festive_
COVERGIRL Outlast _go-go mango_
COVERGIRL Outlast _midnight magic_
COVERGIRL Outlast _out of the blue_
COVERGIRL Outlast _perfect penny_
COVERGIRL Outlast _snow storm_
COVERGIRL Outlast _timeless rubies_
COVERGIRL Outlast _vio-last_

Cult Nails _Bitten_
Cult Nails _Blackout_
Cult Nails _Enigmatic_
Cult Nails _Enticing_
Cult Nails _Flushed_
Cult Nails _Fetish_
Cult Nails _Mazo_
Cult Nails _Mind Control_
Cult Nails _Nevermore_
Cult Nails _Swanbourne_
Cult Nails _Tempest_

Different Dimension _Lapis Lazuli_

Essie _Aruba Blue_
Essie _Bouncer It’s Me_
Essie _No Place Like Chrome_
Essie _Recessionista_

Layla (holo) _Coral Glam_
Layla (holo) _Flash Black_
Layla (holo) _Mercury Twilight_
Layla (holo) _Mermaid_

Loréal _after hours_
Loréal _breaking curfew_
Loréal _greycian goddess_
Loréal _satin sheets_

Lurdurana _Emocionante_
Lurdurana _Fascinante_
Lurdurana _Reluz_

ManGlaze (matte) _#matte is murder_
ManGlaze (matte) _Mayonnaise_
ManGlaze (matte) _Fuggen Ugly_
ManGlaze (matte) _Santorum_

Maybeline ColorShow _Impeccable Greys_

Milani _Yellow Whiz_
Milani _Dreamy Créme_

Nails Inc _franklins row_

NARS _Zulu_

OPI _Just Spotted the Lizard_
OPI _My Vampire is Buff_
OPI _Suzi Loves Cowboys_
OPI (crackle) _Navy Shatter_

Picture Polish: mirage
Picture Polish: white wedding

Revlon Colorstay _Stiletto_

“Revlon Brilliant Strength _Intrigue_”:/2013/09/revlon-brilliant-strength-intrigue-swatch/

Sally Hansen _White On_

Sephora by OPI _212-Sephora_
Sephora by OPI _A Color That Can’t Be Tamed_
Sephora by OPI (crackle) _Blasted Black_
Sephora by OPI _Break a Leg-Warmer!_
Sephora by OPI _BYOBoy_
Sephora by OPI _Cab Fare_
Sephora by OPI _Caught With My Khakis Down_
Sephora by OPI _Charge It!_
Sephora by OPI _Dance Til Fawn_
Sephora by OPI _Domestic Goddess_
Sephora by OPI _Fancy Schmancy_
Sephora by OPI _Frankly, I Don’t Give A-dam_
Sephora by OPI _Go My Own Way_
Sephora by OPI _Havana Dreams_
Sephora by OPI _Hi Def_
Sephora by OPI _I Think Cayenne_
Sephora by OPI _IM Beauty_
Sephora by OPI _In the Shadows_
Sephora by OPI _Is She For Reel?_
Sephora by OPI _It’s Totally Karma_
Sephora by OPI _Just a Little Dangerous_
Sephora by OPI _Keep Me on My Mistletoes_
Sephora by OPI _Leotard-Optional_
Sephora by OPI _Metro Chic_
“Sephora by OPI _Ocean Love Potion_”:/2013/09/sephora-by-opi-ocean-love-potion-swatch-with-flowers/
Sephora by OPI _On Stage_
Sephora by OPI _Neutral Beauty_
Sephora by OPI _Skinny Jeans_
Sephora by OPI _Thyme for a Mani_
Sephora by OPI _Why Yellow There…_

Sinful Colors Professional _coffee_
Sinful Colors Professional _endless blue_
Sinful Shine _Bananappeal_

Spoiled by Wet n Wild _2 Weeks Sober_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _Daddy’s Credit Card_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _Did I Dye It Too Blonde?_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _Don’t Be Cheesy_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _I Tripped on the Red Carpet_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _I’m So Jaded_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _Plenty of Fish in the Sea_
Spoiled by Wet n Wild _Violet Femmes_

Wet n Wild _Everybody Loves Redmond_
Wet n Wild _French White Crème_
Wet n Wild _I Red a Good Book_
Wet n Wild _Under Your Spell_

Wet n Wild Fastdry _Silvivor_

Wet n Wild megalast _Break the Ice_

Zoya _SUVI_

h3. Base/Top Coats (13)

Essie _Matte About You_

ManGlaze _matte-astrophe_

MASH _Matte Polish_

Nail Tek _Intensive Therapy II_
Nail Tek _Ridge Filling Base_

Nicole by OPI _Moisture Plus_

Nubar _V for Men Matte Finish_

OPI _Natural Nail Base Coat_

Orly _Nails for Males Matte Top Coat_

Rescue Beauty Lounge _Base Coat_
Rescue Beauty Lounge _Base Prep_
Rescue Beauty Lounge _Top Coat_

Seche Vite _Gloss Top Coat_

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